About St-Katherine.net

The aims of the site are:

  • to promote the Sinai High Mountain Region and responsible tourism,
  • to provide accurate, impartial and practical information for visitors,
  • to promote local initiatives, both non-profit and local businesses,
  • to create jobs locally.

We would like to improve the site – add new features and content, regularly update information, translate it to other languages – while at the same time create jobs through this work. The vision is the site becoming a self-sustaining venture providing jobs locally and involving the larger community.

The site is relatively new and it is still evolving. If you have any suggestion how to make it better or more for the community – local or virtual –, your feed back is more than welcome.

Work related to the site was started in 2005 and the site was published in 2006 by OLBROS unlimited.  We believe it is for the benefit of the whole community, as well as for those who take the time to appreciate what this land has to offer.

Zoltan MatrahaziZoltan Matrahazi has created the site and is responsible for most of the technical aspects. He compiled the initial content of the site and remains involved in developing content. He takes on these tasks on a voluntary basis. He is a freelancer based in the UK but spends much of the year living with the Jabaleya. He has worked on a number of local projects and now is cooperating with the Sheikhs in promoting the mountain gardens (http://www.baraka-gardens.com/). He can be contacted at info@st-katherine.net.

Mohamed Eid AwadMohamed Eid Awad is responsible for developing and editing the cultural content of the site and organizing programs. As a local Jabaleya Bedouin, he understands and has insight to the Bedouin way of life. From his own interest he has collected some 700 folk tales and recently been helping an academic linguistic study based on local tales. Like virtually all the Bedouin men, he used to work as a guide and knows the area very well. He went on to study computer science at a Cairo university and graduated in 2006. Now he works as a field officer for an EU project and is involved with community life on many different levels. If you are interested in participating in any program in or around St. Katherine, he will be happy to organize it for you. Contact him at foxsonson@yahoo.com or 0122906199.

Gordon WilkinsonGordon Wilkinson, a resident in the village who is playing an active role in promoting cultural programmes through yallajabaleya.com, is acting as an adviser and helping develop content for this site.


Mountain Garden SinaiFarhan and his son, Ahmed in their mountain garden

In the summer of 2007 St-Katherine.Net started supporting a local Bedouin family to help finish and improve their mountain garden. The aim is to create a place where they can receive visitors so his sons can carry on with the traditions of the Jebeliya while earning a modest income. Some part of the income will go to other families so they can do the same.

Click here to learn more about the initiative.
Click here to see list of mountain gardens.

Copyright Notes: You are welcome to quote us and use any of the images found on this site on the condition that you give credit and link back to our site. In certain cases we can send copies of original  pictures free.

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