sinai-photo-archiveNEW!: All photos have been published and tagged according to geographical location in the Sinai Photo Archive.  Up to date, it is the most comprehensive resource about the interior of the peninsula. You can see the best pictures organised into galleries, plus the main attractions in the Sinai on the map with links to the corresponding photos and further information. Click here to go to Photo Archive home or Map of Attractions.

We started to publish more than 1000 high resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) images about the region, organized according to location and places of interest. It is accessible from the List of All Places page and the interactive map on the front page, as well as from here:  Wallpapers of the Sinai High Mountain Region. Check back time to time, we are adding more images regularly.

We have a collection of short videos posted on the web. The films are related to St. Katherine, Sinai, Bedouin  or relevant in other ways.
You can view the Videos here!

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