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Now we have a new Content Management System and will update the site more regularly. There are many things happening in St. Katherine and we will bring you the relevant informations. You can find actual news in the News and Events section, here we will list other new features or updates. It is worth checking back time to time.

05.03.2009.  We had an unexpected blessing from above, el hamul illah, and the gardens of the mountains have been saved for another year. Snow covered the region on the 1st of March, and we were out to record it. A small gallery with the best pics have been added: . We are thinking now to make a public gallery where visitors can add their own photos about the region and its people. It will be announced when the time comes.

22.02.2009.  A small set back with the guide directory... no one submitted an entry. it is probably due to the fact that internet is still something new here and people are not really used to it. there are many guides who expressed interest, but they will need some help. to help them it will be the job of Mohammed Eid, hopefully we will have guides listed who speak germa, greek, russian and french. for the time being the directory is not accessible from the main page, as a directory with one entry is useless, but you can still see it from the bottom menu.

09.01.2009.  The Accommodation section has been updated and now it is a dynamic content, places listed according to hits.

26.12.2008.  A major development, at last: the guide directory is here. after months of promises to people, the directory is operational and reachable from the main pages. there is only one entry, but soon there will be more... now it is up to the guides. it is a free service from and we do not take any commissions. we are one family, we want everyone have a work, we all eat together.

12.12.2008.  18 of 23 studies (pdf) related to South Sinai and its people have been uploaded. The files are accessable from St. Katherine --> Facts and Figures or The People --> Facts and Figures. The remaining 5 files will be uploaded soon.

28.09.2008.  The Local Initiatives and Places to Eat and Drink sections have been re-created. The News and Events section, with 4 articles, have been added.

21.09.2008.  The Trekking and Safari page has been updated; now entries are dynamic and listed according to the number of hits they get. The same will be done for the Local Initiatives and Accommodation pages.

27.08.2008.  The St. Katherine Guide Directory is here... we're still working on it, but if you want to have a behind the scene lookof the development, check this link time to time to see the changes: Once all work is done, it will be available from the main pages.

04.08.2008.  The interactive map has finally been finished... a big relief! More images will be added in the folders, one by one...

22.07.2008.  The "Suggested Treks" section has been updated, more info on the different possibilities of climbing Mt. Sinai.

17.07.2008.  The "Local Initiatives" section has been updated.

28.06.2008.  The "Mountain Garden Retreats" section has been completed with images and descriptions of 23 gardens. It will be updated as there are changes.

12.06.2008.  A virtual tour of the Protectorate's Visitor Centre has been added:
27.05.2008.  We are not talking into the air... the Interactive Map is here. It is still under construction, but from here it will go faster. Photos of most places have been uploaded to the Gallery, so linking them to the map won't take that long, isa.

25.05.2008.  Change of strategy... instead of focusing on one place at a time, some 80 folders have been created in the gallery showing a few photos for each location. More photos will be added later about each place, but this way there is a general overview of the whole area and the interactive map can be created.

19.05.2008. The "Trekking and Safari" and the "Accommodation" sections have been updated.

16.04.2008. Pictures of Abu Jidda are added to the gallery.

04.04.2008. www.St-Katherine.Net has started supporting a local family in the restoration and improvement of their garden, and a description of the project has been added under the "About Us" section.

01.03.2008. A "Places to Eat and Drink" section has been added accessible from the "St. Katherine" and "Accommodation" menupoints.

28.02.2008. Pictures of Wadi Freah and Bustan el Birka have been added to the gallery.

04.02.2008. Winter pictures have been added to the gallery, and a link on the index page to the photo of the month.

29.01.2008. The description of the places have been organised according to alphabetical order, and the galleries of Farsh Abu Aluan, Abu Jeefa and Farsh Abu Mahashur have been added.

22.01.2008. A  map of the town and of the religious sites have been added.

20.01.2008. A  new gallery has been created for Wadi el Arbain, accessible from Galleries --> Wallpapers and also from the List of All Places page. All geographical locations and places of interests will be added in this way, and a corresponding interactive map created.

14.01.2008. The description of All the Places in the High Mountain Region. On going work, most of it is done. A link will be later added to the corresponding image gallery.

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