Local Initiatives

The list of all the local projects and initiatives which might be of interest for visitors to the St. Catherine area, according to the number of hits they receive.

The Medicinal Plants Conservation Project

Website: http://www.mpcpegypt.com/
There is a comprehensive database aimed “to inform and educate protectorate managers, policy makers, scientists as well as the general public about medicinal plant species and their associated value”. There are 481 different species of medicinal plants, all found in South Sinai, listed in the database. Unfortunatelly the common name of the plants is listed in Arabic only.

Ramadan’s Garden and Rock Hyrax Farm

Wadi el Arbain, St. Katherine, South Sinai Egypt
Phone: 0693470013 , 0108437283

Rock Hyraxes, camping and camels. On the way to Mt. Katherine or Mt. Sinai, via Wadi Arbain.

Fansina Bedouin Handicrafts

El Rasis, St. Katherine, South Sinai Egypt
Mobile: +2 010 1865120
Phone / Fax: +2 069 3470 155
Eail: fansina@fansina.net
Website: fansina.net

Bedouin women’s cooperative making clothes, beadwork, bags and other handicrafts. Take the road toward Wadi el Arbain from the main road opposite the Moonland Safari Hotel and Camp.

Bedouin Craft

Mohamed Hashash
El Sebeia Valley, St. Katherine, South Sinai Egypt
Tel: +20 (0)69 347 1200
Mobile 1: +20 (0)12 971 3754
Mobile 2: +20 (0)16 031 5586
E-mail: contact@bedouincraft.comWebsite: www.bedouincraft.com

“This small handicraft business is a way of improving the lives of Bedouin families, forced over recent years to combine tradition with modern life. While work and education are becoming increasingly important, we also recognise that the culture of our ancient community needs nurturing too.”

Community and Environmental Services Center in Saint Katherine

Website: http://saintkatherinecenter.org/En/english.html
The Bedouins are suffering from many problems such as water contamination, energy supplies, plant pathogens which infest their crops, liver & kidney diseases…etc. The overall objective of the project is to improve the level of social and public services especially for the Bedouins in the Saint Katherine area.

South Sinai Regional Development Programme (SSRDP)

Website: http://www.eu-ssrdp.org/
The EU has provided 64 million euros in funding for the South Sinai Regional Development Programme (SSRDP). The programme has two components.

Saint Catherine Foundation

Website: http://www.saintcatherinefoundation.org/
The foundations support conservation work at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai, Egypt.

National Park’s Visitor Center

Website: st-katherine.net/visitorcentre/
Located at the turn-off point from the main road to the Monastery (at the round-about), opposite the ancient cemetery and the tomb of Sheikh Harun, the EU funded Visitor Center is open from 9 AM to noon, except on Fridays and Sundays.

El Helwa Herbal Garden

Hakim Ahmed Mansour
Wadi Itlah, St. Katherine, South Sinai Egypt

Dr Ahmed, a well respected loacl Hakim, skilled in local herbal medicines, runs a school in his garden for local Bedouin children to ensure that his traditional knowledge is not lost to coming generations.

Jebel Musa Bedouin Association

Set up to provide assistance to poor families and is run by a body of tribal leaders. The whole tribe contributes to the association and the money gets redistributed.

Organic dried herbs, fruit and vegetables

Mahmoud Mansour
Phone: +20 (0) 12 640 0782

The project involves many garden owners who grow and dry organic produce.

Foundation for South Sinai (CFSS)

Website: http://www.southsinaifoundation.org/
The Community Foundation for South Sinai (CFSS) is a new not-for-profit organization that will benefit communities across South Sinai. CFSS was registered in November 2006 as the first community foundation in Egypt, part of a fast-growing global movement which enables people to bring lasting benefits to their own communities.

The Makhad Trust

Wolseley House
Oriel Road
GL50 1TH
Phone: +44 (0) 1242 544546
Fax: +44 (0) 1242 544533
Email: info@makhad.org
Website: makhad.org/

A charity implementing small scale projects to support the people in the high mountains and the desert.

Fan Gabeliya Handicrafts

El Shamiya, St. Katherine, South Sinai Egypt

Bedouin women’s cooperative making clothes, beadwork, bags and other handicrafts.

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