Local operators

Only the Jebeliya Bedouin are authorised to work as guides in the Sinai High Mountain Region, which is their tribal territory and lies within the St. Katherine Protectorate. Trekking to the High Mountains are organized according to tribal law – el Dor – to ensure full community participation. Treks and safaris to other areas have to be organized with the particular tribe. All individuals and companies are required by law to work with the local Bedouin groups, but operators might provide additional services, such as trained guides, ex-pat tour leaders, contribution to the community, special interest programs etc.

Below is a list of operators working in the high mountains, listed according to the number of hits they receive.

Ramadan Moussa Abo Ghalaba

Phone: +20 10 460 7406
Email: sinaimylove@yahoo.com
Website: www.sinaimylove.com

Ramadan is a local Bedouin guide who can organize treks to Mt. Sinai and the high mountains.

Saint Catherine Trips

St.Katherine, El Osqof (Wadi Isbaeya)
Contact: Badri and Amor
Mobile: (002) 012 194 1551
and 018 779 4401
Phone: (002) 06 9347 1408
Website: www.saintcatherinetrips.com

Located along the main road little after Morgenland Hotel, but still before town. Egyptian and Bedouin food, shisha. Cheap accommodation, hikes and safaris organized.

Sheikh Mousa

El Milgah, St.Katherine, South Sinai Egypt
Phone: 010 641 3575 , 010 688 0820 , (002) 69 3470 457
Fax: (002) 69 3470 457
Email: sheikmousa@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.sheikmousa.com/

The local tribal trekking provider, Sheikh Mousa organizes treks in the mountains and runs the tribal rotating system, the el dor.

Yalla Jabaleya!

Rasis, St Katherine, South Sinai, Egypt
Phone: 01 82 82 71 82
Email: gordon@yallajabaleya.com
Website: http://www.yallajabaleya.com/

Yallajabaleya! arranges star nights, botany hunts, camel riding lessons, authoritative tours round the monastery, overnights on Mt Sinai, walks, camel treks and jeep safaris.

Baraka-Gardens Mountain and Desert Garden Retreats

St. Katherine South Sinai Egypt
Phone: +2 10 301 6286 or +2 10 688 0820
Email: info@baraka-gardens.com
Website: http://baraka-gardens.com

Tranquil mountain and desert garden retreats and garden tours visiting some or all the retreats in the area.

Sheikh Sina Bedouin Treks

St.Katherine, South Sinai Egypt
Phone: +20-1125 51150, +20-69-347 0880
Fax: +20-69-347 0880
Email: info@sheikhsina.com
Website: http://www.sheikhsina.com/

Sheikh Sina is a EU funded project to promote sustainable tourism in the region and run Bedouin treks.

Darb Sina

Phone: (+2)0100 28 140 25
Email: darbsina@gmail.com
Website: http://www.darbsina.com/

Our treks in Sinai are guided by ‘Ragab Eid’, who was born in Sheikh Awad when his mother was shepherding the goats, she could not get to the hospital in time so he was born in a cave. He grew up near St Katherine’s. Then he started to work as a local guide on the High Mountain trekking.

Jebli Salim Abu Sana

Phone: from abroad: 0020 100 768 09 96 / from Egyp: 0100 768 09 96
Website: http://jebeli.jimdo.com/

My name is Jebli Salim Abu Sana, friends call me Jebeli. I am an English speaking, trained mountain guide, officially registered as a Eco-Guide in St. Katherine – Sinai. Would you like to enjoy a short or a long trekking safari through the splendid High Mountains of St. Katherine? It will be a pleasure for me to organize it for you according to your wishes.

Hike Sinai

Phone: from abroad: 0020 100 768 09 96 / from Egyp: (++20) (0)1009141766
Website: http://hikesinai.com/

The High Mountains of Sinai and their surrounding deserts provide one of the world’s most extraordinary trekking landscapes… We can arrange any kind of hike or safari and respond to the requests and interests of our guests. Just tell us where you want to go and we’ll suggest a detailed programme.

The Expedition Consultancy

The Expedition Consultancy organizes rock climbing tours and expeditions for climbers of different levels.

Website: www.expeditionconsultancy.com
Email Dave: lucas@expeditionconsultancy.com
Email Maiju: office@expeditionconsultancy.com
Phone: 0844 870 9149
Phone (international): +44 20 3291 2312
Address: The Expedition Consultancy Ltd Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4DJ, UK

Desert Fox Safari

St. Catherine, South Sinai Egypt
Mobile: (+2) 010 698 78 07
Office: (+2) 069 347 0344 .com

A Bedouin run trekking and safari operation providing camel, jeep and walking programs.

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