Map of St. Katherine

Map of St Catherine, Sinai Egypt

1. Main mosque; 2. East Delta coach station; 3. Bakery, microbus stop, Mohamed Salem’s Cafeteria and Garden Lodge; 4. Shops, Post Office, Telephone Central; 5. Bank, ATM, shops; 6. Petrol station; 7. School, community centre; 8. Bedouin Camp and Guesthouse, Mountain Tours Office (Sheikh Mousa); 9. Council, Police, Fire Brigade; 10. Ahmed Salah’s Garden; 11. Monastery of the Holy Apostles (Deir el Raba); 12. Medicinal Plants Conservation Project; 13. Mahmoud Mansour’s Organic herbs and dried produce; 14. Monastery of the Virgin Mary (El Bustan); 15. Elmas’oudi Lodge; 16. St. Katherine Protectorate’s HQ; 17. Shops, cafes, restaurants, laundry; 18. Desert Fox Camp; 19. Soccer field; 20. Safari Moonland Hotel and Camp; 21. Daniella village; 22. Al-Wadi Al-Mouquddus Hotel; 23. Catherina Plaza Hotel; 24. Hospital; 25. St. Katherine Tourist Village (Hotel Wadi Raha); 26. Bedouin Centre; 27. Visitor Centre; 28. Nabi Harun; 29. Golden Calf; 30. Monastery of St. Katherine .