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Map of Attractions South SinaiLocally there is only one usable map of South Sinai, pictured here, titled “Sinai: Map of Attractions.” It is said to be based on an Israeli map and is available from most bookshops in the Sinai or Cairo. It is available in two different qualities – bad and very bad – there used to be a better quality but that has been unavailable for many years. Despite the low quality the map does give some idea of the region, and its black and white Sinai High Mountain Region inset is really useful. The Royal Geographic Society’s map of Sinai, coming in many separate sheets at a quite hefty price, is better for the other areas of Sinai, but not for the High Mountain Region.

Another useful resource is the free Discover Sinai pdf , with descriptions, almost 400 color photos, over 60 maps, a comprehensive section on flora and fauna, as well as a dictionary based on the local dialect.

Map of Sinai High Mountain Region EgyptThe black and white “The Sinai High Mountain Region” inset is still the most accurate and useful map to the region around St. Catherine, although there are now some other maps as well. Camps in St. Catherine probably have or can make a photocopy of the map.

The map has been widely copied and reused in other works, and its ownership is unclear.

A unique feature of the High Mountain Region is its orchard farming tradition and there are hundreds of green Bedouin gardens and a number of gardens belonging to the Monastery of St. Katherine. Many of the gardens are now abandoned and neglected, but there are still many that are well looked after and the gardeners are happy to receive visitors. Trekking groups in the region stay at these gardens. Information with a list and a map of the gardens have been published in 2010 in the book “Sinai Gardens“. Book is available for a donation.

Mt. Sinai Safsafa hike and trekking map Egypt There are detailed maps of eight treks in six regions of South Sinai with concise trek descriptions and GPS waypoints in the guide book “Trekking in South Sinai“. Available in print and as an e-publication.

Sample map: Mt. Sinai and the Safsafa basins

Other sources of useful maps about the region:

• “A walk in Sinai: St. Katherine to Al GaltAl-Azraq” describes a popular 3-4-day trek in the High Mountain Region and comes with a good map of the route. The hard copy version is out of print but it is available as a pdf.
• Four “Walking Trail Guides”, by the National Parks of Egypt Protectorates Development Programmes, describe four 1-day walks in the High Mountain Region with good maps. Unfortunately out of print, possibly a few copies are still available in the St. Katherine Visitor Centre or camps.

Satellite View of St. Katherine

St. Catherine consists of a small town center and a few little settlemets around town. The main attraction, the Monastery of St. Katherine, is before town in a short wadi, and the main route to Mt. Sinai starts from here.
Main locations: 1. Visitor Centre; 2. The Golden Calf; 3. the Monastery of St. Katherine; 4. Mt. Sinai; 5. town center; 6. the Rock of Moses; and 7. the Monastery of the Forty Martyrs.

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Mt Sinai hike on Google Maps Mount Sinai hike, St Catherine Egypt        

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