Trekking Guidelines

The Sinai High Mountain Region is a unique and fragile ecosystem, so please follow the guidelines set by the National Park. If it is your guide who doesn’t, you can remind him and inform the operator. Make sure that the operator buys fire wood in town.

Trekking guidlines by the St. Katherine Protectorate
Preparation• You must be reasonably fit in order to hike any of these trails comfortably; some gradients are steep.
• Wear sturdy shoes and a hat, take matches or a lighter, sunscreen, and a warm jacket for early mornings and evenings.
• It is advisable to take at least 4.5 liters of water (three bottles) per person in the hot weather.
• Respect the religious rights and the sanctity of the landscape.
• Do not collect or destroy plant or animal life or leave graffiti.
• Please leave no trace of your visit, carry out all your litter, bury your bodily waste and burn your toilet paper.
• Please use the environmental and hygienic toilets where available.

All visitors to the mountain region must be accompanied by a Bedouin guide. Your Bedouin guide will share his extraordinary knowledge of this area’s rich environment, and help make your walk safe and easy.

We will add other practical information regarding the treks soon.

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